National Psoriasis Foundation

Three simple ways to be an advocate

Being an advocate just means sharing your story. Here are a few simple ways to get started:

Send an email

Let your elected officials know that you want them to help pass psoriasis-related legislation that will move us closer to a cure. Use this easy online form to contact your senators and representatives.

Facebook it.

Do you use Facebook, Twitter or other social media? Tell your friends and followers about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Try these steps:

  • Become a fan of the National Psoriasis Foundation on Facebook.
  • Share a link to a psoriasis-related article on your Facebook wall.
  • Re-tweet from our Twitter feed.
  • After you visit or speak with your members of Congress, thank them with a post or a Tweet.

Schedule a meeting

Contact your elected official's local office in your state or district.

You can schedule a time to meet with your official while he or she is home on recess—or you can meet with a member of his or her staff.

Hearing your personal story can have a major impact on a senator or representative.

Learn how to set up a Hill Day at Home meeting

Count on the Foundation's help

The National Psoriasis Foundation assists by helping you speak up about policies that matter to the psoriasis community, including:

  • Growing and supporting federal investment in psoriasis and psoriatic disease research,
  • Advancing the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis public health efforts at the CDC,
  • Reducing out of pocket expenses for medication and treatments
  • Ensuring affordable access to new treatments.

Keep in touch. Stay informed.