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NPF Board Member Appointed to United Way
National Women's Leadership Council

Terri TheisenTerri Theisen, owner of Theisen Consulting LLC, an Atlanta-based consulting firm focused on strategic planning, community development and public health matters, and a member of the National Psoriasis Foundation Board of Trustees, was named to the National Women's Leadership Council (NWLC) of United Way Worldwide. The NWLC, comprised of 24 women throughout the United States, provides guidance to the United Way on women's charitable giving, leadership, resource development and advocacy.

Theisen has been a 20-year leadership volunteer for the United Way and has chaired several groups for the United Way of Greater Atlanta, which nominated her for the Council. She is past chair of the Women of Alexis de Tocqueville Society, comprised of women donors giving $10,000 or more annually, and is currently chair of the Women's Leadership Council, which leads women's charitable giving at all levels for United Way of Greater Atlanta. United Way of Greater Atlanta has the largest group of female donors among all United Way organizations.

Terri was re-elected to the Psoriasis Foundation Board of Trustees in 2009 after previously serving as trustee from 2002-2004. As an NPF board member, Theisen, who has psoriasis, serves on the Governance, Strategic Planning and Advocacy Committees.

Congratulations, Terri!

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