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Books for your school library

Add Bernie's Secret or G. Wow to your library

You've probably learned some pretty cool things by reading books, right?

Did you know there are books about psoriasis? We (National Psoriasis Foundation) have published two books about psoriasis just for kids. For kids who don't know anything about psoriasis, these books can be the perfect way to learn. 

Bernie's SecretBernie's Secret

Bernie is nervous about his first day of 1st grade. He has red spots of psoriasis. He's been teased before by kids on the playground. But Sam, an older friend, helps Bernie gain confidence and explain his spots to his new class. Read Bernie's Secret »

G. WowThe Adventures of G. Wow

Gina Wow is a swimmer and an aspiring writer. She's also a mind reader. This amazing ability comes in handy when she needs to teach others about the psoriasis she's had since age five. Read the adventures of G. Wow »

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