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Information for parents: Supporting your child

Yours is a child first and a child with psoriasis second.

Being a parent is a demanding job. Once your child is diagnosed with psoriasis, the job can get even more complicated. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help you and your child cope with psoriasis. First, deal with your own emotions. Many parents of children with psoriasis report feeling angry, sad, or guilty about their child's diagnosis. Talk with others about your emotions. A good place to learn more is the parents' forum on the message board.

How other parents cope:

  • Educational materials help. There are always new medical discoveries, it is important to not lose hope and to be open to try new treatments.
    Peggy, Virginia

  • I cope by loving my child and letting him know that with medicine you can keep it under control and just by knowing that everyday I am blessed to be his mom.
    Tahra, Tenn.

  • We remain positive. I keep myself educated on it and never, ever let my son see that I am frustrated with it or upset when there is a flare up. I'm always showing him articles about psoriasis and the more we talk about it the more we find other people who have it.
    Denise, New Jersey

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How other parents help their children live well with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: 

  • Be open and matter of fact when talking to others about it and do so in front of your child so they learn it is not something to hide. If you see people looking, take advantage of the educational opportunity to talk with them.
    Jennifer, Calif.
  • Talk to teachers about it so they are aware and can be watchful for comments or bullying. Encourage children not to let psoriasis define them.
    Andrea, Ariz.
  • Become involved, be proactive, and be a part of the solution—work towards finding/funding a CURE!
    Athena, Penn.

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