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FDA approves new oral treatment for psoriatic arthritis

People with psoriatic arthritis may find a new treatment option a little easier to swallow. Otezla (apremilast), a tablet manufactured by Celgene, is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a twice-daily 30-milligram treatment for adults with active psoriatic arthritis.

Otezla is a new type of oral treatment that inhibits an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 4, or PDE4, to regulate inflammation in people with psoriatic arthritis and help control the disease.

In clinical trials, the most common side effects were diarrhea, nausea and headache, which occurred in the first two weeks and tended to lessen with continued treatment. The recommended dosing of Otezla is 30 milligrams twice a day. The first five days is a start period, where the dosage will gradually increase over five days until the recommended dose of 30 milligrams twice daily is reached.

Otezla tablets should be available beginning April 2 through specialty, or mail delivery, pharmacies.

Late last year, Celgene filed for FDA approval of Otezla as a psoriasis treatment pending possible approval in the fall of 2014.

To learn more about Otezla, visit or call 1.844.4OTEZLA (1.844.468.3952).

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