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How to treat psoriasis

Psoriasis on feetRight now there is no cure for psoriasis. However, scientists are looking for better medications and treatments. The good news is that your doctor may know of some medications that can help.

Because you are smaller and still growing, your body is more sensitive to anything you put in it or on it. Some medications that an adult can take might be too strong for you. Also, because your body is changing as it grows, you might find that a treatment that works now does not work as well as you get older.

If your psoriasis is only on a small area of your body or does not bother you very much, something as simple as just being in the sunshine can help. Your doctor may also have you sit under a special light that will help your psoriasis to get better. Sometimes they will have you use a lotion or cream. They might even have you take a pill.

Do you know how a dermatologist can help your skin?

A dermatologist is a doctor who is an expert on taking care of people's skin. Because you have psoriasis, it is a good idea to visit a dermatologist. He or she can help you figure out the best ways to deal with your psoriasis.

Visiting a dermatologist is nothing to be scared of. They will study your skin closely and ask lots of questions. They may give you some tests. They are just trying to get to know you better. They wand to find the best ways to help you. Your doctor is on your side!

What to expect at your appointment >>> 

Once you and your doctor decide on a treatment plan, it's important to follow the plan exactly. Sometimes people don't follow the doctor's instructions. But then their treatments don't work like they should. You might think it is a pain to follow the doctor's instructions every day. But that's the only sure way to beat psoriasis and get better!

What makes psoriasis worse?

Some things seem to make psoriasis get worse. These things are called "triggers." Some people say their psoriasis gets worse when they are mad or upset. Everyone gets mad or upset once in a while. Just remember that taking time every day to relax is very important for you. Sometimes, things like changes in the weather, injuries or being sick can all make your psoriasis worse. Swimming-pool chemicals that keep the water clean may cause your skin to get dry and uncomfortable.

The important thing is to remember what kinds of things seem to make your psoriasis worse. Then you can be aware of these "triggers" and learn to avoid them.

What do other kids do to help their symptoms, like itching, scaling and redness?

  • Wear sunscreen and be yourself!
    Nevin, age 9

  • Don't scratch it and put cream on it every day.
    Katelyn, 10

  • Don't scratch. Put lots of cream on. Try to get lots of sunlight. Don't be afraid to tell people about it!
    Emily, 8

  • As long as you take care of it then it's easy to live with.
    Gregory, 10

  • Use lots of moisturizer and try not to itch it.
    Virginia, 12
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